(Madison, Wis.)—CRV USA is pleased to announce that Dr. Sophie Eaglen has joined the CRV USA team as Genetic Programs Manager. In her role, Dr. Eaglen will lead the development and rollout of genetic solutions that help U.S. dairy producers build healthier and more efficient herds.

“Not only does Dr. Eaglen bring scientific expertise in genetics and animal science to the team, she also comes to us with real, hands-on experience working with dairy producers all over the world,” says Amy VanderMark, CRV USA Managing Director. “She understands what farmers need in order to succeed—and will develop solutions to help our customers build their ideal herds and maximize their profitability.”

Dr. Eaglen has spent the last decade working with a number of organizations around the world, detecting genetic and genomic trends and innovations in dairy cattle, researching breeding values and genotyping strategies, influencing changes in genetic indexes, and helping educational institutions build agriculture genomic programs.

Dr. Eaglen has a PhD in Quantitative Genetics, a Master’s Degree in Animal Sciences, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Husbandry. Most recently, she was the Global Business Development Manager at CRV headquarters in the Netherlands—leading the development of the recently-launched HerdOptimizer program.

“I have a real passion for dairy cattle and my goal has always been to make a positive difference in our industry through genetics,” says Dr. Eaglen. “While in academia I wasn’t close enough to the farmers to see or develop practical applications—and that is why I joined CRV. CRV is truly one of the most progressive cattle breeding companies in the world, with the most real on-farm data, offering a full-solutions approach to producers. And, what’s most exciting to me is that I get to stay with such an amazing company—but do so from the heart of the dairy cattle breeding industry in the U.S.”

On the CRV USA team, Dr. Eaglen will educate fellow team members on cattle genetics, genomics, and CRV’s solution-based programs. She will also work with our U.S. customers to proactively develop solutions to help them build herds that are healthier, longer lasting, more efficient, and produce milk that will increase the value of their milk checks.

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