Genetics with a Purpose

At CRV USA, we connect dairy herds with the specific goals of the dairyman. We can enhance the operation of any dairyman who is driven by a single-minded purpose. Who understands that his biggest assets are the animals coming into and out of his milking parlor every day. Who recognizes that his herd’s genetic makeup isn’t just a part of the equation he uses to reach his goals. It is the equation. Read more


Grazing-contentpageheader_03If you’re growing your dairy herd on grass, CRV is here to assist, by providing genetics that are optimized for grazing environments. In fact, our entire genetic portfolio for grass operations was built in New Zealand and other countries where grazing dominates the dairy market. Read more

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Looking to all the traits available for an informed decision

When looking at the breeding goals for any dairy, it is wise to begin with the end in mind. An unfoc...

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The quest for feed efficient dairy cows (Part 1 of 2)

Written by Andrea Haines, as featured in the January issue of CowManagement magazine. Groundbreaking...

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What goes into the development of a feed intake value?

In October 2014, CRV launched a first-of-its-kind breeding value: Feed Intake. This valuable trait a...

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