Genetics with a Purpose

At CRV USA, we connect dairy herds with the specific goals of the dairyman. We can enhance the operation of any dairyman who is driven by a single-minded purpose. Who understands that his biggest assets are the animals coming into and out of his milking parlor every day. Who recognizes that his herd’s genetic makeup isn’t just a part of the equation he uses to reach his goals. It is the equation. Read more

Better Life Indices

CRV is committed to sustainability. With this in mind, we have developed two new indices; Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency. These indices are closely related to economics. A healthier cow means that farmers have to carry out fewer individual treatments on animals. It is also likely that a healthier cow will live longer, which means a higher lifetime production and lower costs per pound of milk.  Read more

Latest news

CRV continues to grow in Washington

CRV has added three new team members in Washington to continue to grow the service business and to p...

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Ate Lindeboom resigns from the CRV executive board

Ate Lindeboom is standing down as Executive Director Operations & Development as CRV Holding B.V...

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August digital directories now online

CRV’s Holstein Sire Directory, Jersey Sire Directory and Dairy Guide are now available for you...

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