CRV Holstein US

CRV has a successful US Holstein breeding program in the USA. The best American bulls with the highest breeding values are available for our clients.

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CRV Jersey

Jerseys are the fastest growing breed in the United States, with about 18% per year. CRV has access to the best Jersey genetics from around the world.

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CRV Holstein EU

Breeding our EU Holstein into your herd will lead to improvement of premium milk production, lower veterinary costs and lower feed costs.

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CRV New Zealand Grazing

CRV offers genetics proven in the most intensive grazing system in the world: New Zealand. Quality milk, fertile, robust, excellent grass converters

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Produce milk in an inexpensive way with MRY. These robust, fertile cows still have a good production with a sober ration and they give good meat.

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CRV Fleckvieh

CRV’s Fleckvieh cows are popular among farmers because they are robust, long-lasting and they have a high performance potential for milk and beef.

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CRV OptimalBeef

Angus: one of the most commonly used beef breeds worldwide for beef on dairy crosses. CRV bulls are the easy way to high returns.

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