• Lifetime Production of Dutch Dairy Cows Rises to New Records

    In the financial year 2022-2023, the average lifespan and lifetime production of dairy cows in the Netherlands has continued to rise. Last financial year, the culled cows produced an average of 38,327 kg (84,497 lb) of milk and 3,048 kg (6,720 lb) of fat and protein. That is 926 kg (2,041 lb) of milk and 77 kg (170 lb) of fat and protein more than in the previous financial year. The lifespan of the culled herd book cows rose by almost three weeks, to 2,255 days. This emerged from the annual milk recording statistics of the CRV cooperative.
  • North Harbor Dairy Farm: Focus on Feed Efficiency & Components

    “We have always been a detail-oriented, high-production dairy. But we have always struggled with components. I made the CRV jump because we wanted to focus on components. We saw the value of components and we knew it was going to continue to increase," says Brian Robbins, owner of the 1,200-cow herd North Harbor Dairy Farm in Sackets Harbor, New York. With the help of CRV Sales Representative Tim Fargo, Brian adapted a new breeding strategy. "Nowadays I don't get too involved in it. I told Tim what I was looking for, eight or nine years ago. He has done very well. So, I don't really ask a lot of questions," Brian Robbins says.
  • Farm consultant and dairy farmer Niels Achten about feed efficiency: “The economic importance of feed efficiency is steadily growing”

    As a strategic and technical farm consultant, almost every day Niels Achten speaks with dairy farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders about ways of optimising their farm management. Niels works at consultancy firm Liba and, along with his parents, operates a dairy with 280 cows. He can therefore directly link the numbers on paper to his own practical experience.