About CRV

About CRV

Better Cows > Better Life

    About CRV

    Since 1874, we have strongly believed that better cows lead to a better life for farmers, their herds and their environment. Together with the 23,000 farmers who are members of our cooperative, every day we still continue our work of improving dairy and beef herds around the world. We do this by delivering top quality genetics, smart breeding management solutions and personal advice on herd management.

    The foundation of our approach is creating a perfect balance between healthy and efficient cows. After all, the healthier a cow is, the more efficiently it will produce. That is why we are world leading in health and efficiency. A fact we are incredibly proud of.

    Every day we work on improving the herd of the future. The main focus in our vision is on healthy and efficient cows.


    At CRV USA, our company values run deep. We use our passion for the dairy industry to achieve our main goal of improving quality of life for both animals and people alike. We truly care about you and your business, and want your operation to continue for generations to come.

    CRV isn’t just a bull stud. Through our innovation and ability to create genetics with a purpose, we help you produce a product that fits an ever-changing dairy market – not just animals that perform well in the show ring. At CRV, we take pride in our superior genetics, our dedication to today’s dairy producer, and the progress we’ve made around the world to incorporate all aspects of cattle breeding.

    Our Mission:
    ‘CRV is a leading customer-focused cattle improvement co-operative, fully committed to adding value for farmers’

    We believe that by listening to our farmers’ needs, suggestions and concerns, we can provide value added solutions for their specific goals. And deliver them with passion, innovation, reliability and unequaled support.

    Better cows > better life

    Some facts

    Some facts about CRV

    Globally active

    We supply genetics to more than 60 countries around the world through our network of offices and distributors.

    Our offices are located in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Czech Republic, the USA, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

    We also have state-of-the-art production sites in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany and the Czech Republic where the highest quality semen and embryos are produced. Our bulls are also kept in the USA, Canada and other countries to serve the global demand for CRV bulls.

    CRV supplies genetics to more than 60 countries around the world

    Twelve global breeding programmes

    We want to help farmers all over the world to progress using genetic products that make their herds healthier and more efficient. To achieve this aim, we have established twelve breeding programmes for different breeds from various regions of the world. Within each breeding programme, the best bulls are selected with the ability to transmit the most important health and efficiency traits to their offspring. In this way, we can guarantee genetic progress in every herd.

    Our history

    History CRV

    The seeds of CRV were sown in 1874 when farmers and breeders jointly founded the first herdbook to register the pedigrees of their bulls and cows. Since then, so much has changed!

    Our culture

    CRV cares about animals

    Cooperating with our members and customers is our priority and we feel a sense of responsibility for people and animals.

    We are a cooperative

    CRV is owned by 23,000 dairy farmers

    CRV is owned by 23,000 dairy farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders. This construction means that we always act in the interests of the farmer - by farmers and for farmers.

    A career at CRV

    Do you want to contribute to making the lives of farmers, cows and their environment a little better every day? Join us!