How Ovalert works

More detailed information about how it works
  1. The Smarttag registers the movement and behaviour of the individual animal. Data collected in the last 24 hours is stored in the Smarttag.
  2. When the animals are within the range of the antenna, all data from the Smarttag is collected.
  3. The collected data will be transmitted to the heart of de system: the process controller which continually
    analyses the data.
  4. The analysis results can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The system immediately provides an alert relating to heat detection, abnormalities in the eating or rumination pattern and abnormalities in standing-lying behaviour or inactivity.
  5. Optionally, beacons in the barn can send signals to all tags regardinig their current location in the barn.
How Ovalert works

Increase profitability with precision

Heat detectionHighly accurate heat detection with advice for the optimal insemination moment, as well as reproduction insights.
Health monitoringIndividual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery.
Feed managementChart the behavior and eating patterns
of your herd. Monitoring eating and rumination of your herd to make improvements.
Cow locatingLocate cows needing attention or treatment quickly and easily. See and follow their real-time position on your barn map.
How Ovalert works

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