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150 Years of CRV

Over the past 150 years, CRV has served producers from all over the world with genetics from our top-notch breeding programs and with innovations such as SireMatch, HerdOptimizer, and FeedExcel. In the next 150 years, CRV will continue serving producers to create better cows for their herds and a better life for farmers.

CRV FeedExcel

CRV FeedExcel ensures a highly productive herd that delivers more milk with less feed. Simply the smartest way to higher margins and lower emissions. In a world of rising costs, stricter regulations and resource scarcity, producers are under increasing pressure to not only feed a growing global population, but to do so sustainably. An industry leader in livestock management and genetics, with FeedExcel CRV introduces innovative new ways to help producers reach their goals.
CRV, leading in health and efficiency


A healthy herd makes your life easier and boosts your income. CRV helps you breed a herd that is healthier and lives longer. We also have a range of tools and services to keep your herd in excellent health.


An efficient herd produces more milk or beef using less feed. That's good for your finances and good for the environment. We help with better genetics, but also higher figures and products for even greater efficiency.