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Expert article: #1 sustainable dairy farming practice: improving dairy genetics

Looking for sustainable dairy farming practices with a return on investment? Practices that make dairy operations more eco-friendly while staying profitable?

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Expert article: How to breed towards lucrative milk components to handle the milk base

Are you confronted with a milk base and worried about farm profitability? The obvious answer to this challenge is to shift focus from milk quantity to milk quality.

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Expert article: 5 genetic strategies that increase dairy farm profits

Every day we continue our work of improving dairy herds around the world. We do this by delivering top quality genetics, smart breeding management solutions and personal advice on herd management.

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A healthy herd makes your life easier and boosts your income. CRV helps you breed a herd that is healthier and lives longer. We also have a range of tools and services to keep your herd in excellent health.


An efficient herd produces more milk or beef using less feed. That's good for your finances and good for the environment. We help with better genetics, but also higher figures and products for even greater efficiency.