CRV OptimalBeef

Optimize Profit & Optimize Genetics

  • Added value to calves leaving
  • Efficent realization of breeding goals
  • Careful, calculated selection of replacements

CRV OptimalBeef

OptimalBeef is the solution for added value in calves leaving the dairy and improved profitability throughout the operation. Breed and select for replacements by utilizing sorted dairy semen on the best cows in the herd, those genetically superior with pedigrees that have proven profitable.

Worldwide, Angus is one of the most commonly used beef breeds for beef on dairy crosses. Which is hardly surprising, as calves sired by Angus bulls are born with ease and are vigorous and strong straight from birth.

“Breeding my lower ranking cows to beef is improving my genetics and adding to my income”
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The easy way to high returns

An additional benefit for beef farmers is that Angus calves are naturally polled. CRV sources its bulls from a diverse range of highly professional breeding programmes for this unique beef breed. Bulls from CRV’s Angus portfolio are your guarantee for high returns from your beef on dairy crosses.

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