CRV New Zealand Grazing

CRV New Zealand

Efficient converters of grass

  • Excellent fertility
  • Lower feed costs
  • Good resilience and capacity

CRV New Zealand Grazing

For dairy producers who require their herd to harvest its own forage, either in intensive or hybrid grazing systems, CRV offers genetics proven in the most intensive grazing system in the world: New Zealand.

Due to the seasonal calving system New Zealand genetics have the best fertility in the world. Also our cows are known as free-range, grown stronger, hardier, more resilient to bacteria and infection.

'New Zealand Genetics gives me sturdy, efficient animals that still score excellent on type, like these Murmur daughters'
Julian Cowen, Cowen Dairy, Nehalem, OR

More profitable per hectare

New Zealand farmers have had to apply low cost and efficient farming systems in order to be competitive on the world dairy markets. The resulting farming system required specific genetics with focus on performance on grass, seasonal calving, longevity and easy care. This has resulted in the New Zealand genetics as we know them today.

Compared to Holstein and Jerseys from North Amerika and Europe the cows of the grazing breed are smaller in stature, carry more body condition, have wider muscles with more width of chest and deeper bodies and are more aggressive foragers. They also are more profitable per hectare due to lower feed intake.

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