A fertile and healthy herd

  • 24/7 registration of activity
  • Fewer health problems
  • Better fertility results


Scale increase and a drive towards efficiency are the prevalent trends in the dairy farming industry. This makes it a constant challenge to keep account of individual animals. How can you keep an eye on them 24 hours a day? How can you keep them healthy with good fertility results?

Ovalert detects and identifies health and fertility signals earlier and more effectively than the human eye. It functions as your sixth sense to make your herd more efficient and easier to manage.

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How does Ovalert work?

Ovalert automates the detection of health problems and manages the fertility cycle

  • Ovalert’s high-tech sensors detect cow behavior (eating, rumination, standing, lying, heat behavior)
  • Ovalert converts these signals into management information such as:
    • Heat alerts
    • Advice on optimal moment of insemination
    • Alerts to abnormal cow behaviour (health risks)
    • Individual cow analysis
    • Group and herd analysis
  • Valuable management information can be viewed through multiple devices
  • Assistance from CRV with the hardware and software networking for optimal performance

Read more detailed information about how Ovalert works, see how farmers experience Ovalert or download our Ovalert brochure.

'With Ovalert heat detection is now as simple as checking the computer for alerts'
Dairy farmer Wes Hickson, Dudleston (United Kingdom)

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Ovalert detects and identifies health and fertility signals early and effective. Monitor your herd easily 24 hours a day. Download the brochure.

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