Genetics with a Purpose

At CRV USA, we connect dairy herds with the specific goals of the dairyman. We can enhance the operation of any dairyman who is driven by a single-minded purpose. Who understands that his biggest assets are the animals coming into and out of his milking parlor every day. Who recognizes that his herd’s genetic makeup isn’t just a part of the equation he uses to reach his goals. It is the equation. Read more

Unleash the power of your herd with HerdOptimizer


Efficient milking, easy-to-manage, and healthy cows are key priorities—and we understand that. When it comes to maximizing your return on investment and building a successful herd, CRV has the complete breeding approach—precision breeding with HERDOPTIMIZER. Combining traditional US dairy traits with CRV proprietary traits, our tools, and expertise results in your success. Read more

Latest news

CRV’s HerdOptimizer Wins Dairy Herd Management’s 2016 Innovation Award

(Madison, Wis.) — CRV, a world-leading cattle improvement organization, is honored to have won the p...

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CRV Announces Partnership and New Product Bringing Innovation to the Dairy Industry

HerdOptimizer Provides Complete-Solutions Approach to Building the Ideal Herd (Madison, Wis.) — CRV,...

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August Proofs Bring CRV Traits Dairy Producers Desire

AUGUST PROOFS BRING CRV TRAITS DAIRY PRODUCERS DESIRE Smart Herd Management and Increased Profitabil...

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